• A Smarter Cloud Interface for Cars

    Accessing vehicle data has historically been complicated and limited to emissions parameters. With the CARduino, access more than just OBDII - add in manufacturer networks (new sensors and actuator control), GPS, accelerometer data, a two-month drive data buffer, and a realtime GPRS Cloud interface.

  • Works with MIT's Cloud-Think standard to drive Big Data

    Telematics systems today create mirrors of vehicles in the Cloud, but these mirrors are brand-locked. What happened to owning your data? Thanks to Cloud-Think, CarKnow's hardware is brand-agnostic... driving Big Data, fast.

  • Reprogrammable hardware and an easy-to-use API drives innovation

    No need to mess around with low-level software just to access your car's information. With a RESTful API with strong security measures, accessing vehicle information and controlling functions has never been easier. Need special hardware? You can change that, too.

  • Amazing apps and developer potential

    The CARduino makes features never before accessible available to drivers and developers, right through the standard OBDII diagnostic link connector. New applications using these features bring value to drivers and improve the user experience, while creating green fields for developers.

Open Standards

Standardization is key to CarKnow. Standardization lowers barriers to entry while driving economies of scale in cost and user adoption rate.

Open Hardware

CarKnow plans for the CARduino hardware to be open and reprogrammable where secure. Don't like our Machine-Cloud-Machine architecture? Get on Git!

Beyond OBDII

The CARduino simplifies access to non-OBD networks by providing an easy-to-use API and plug-and-play hardware.

App Store Delivers Value

With so much data, there are limitless possibilities for applications. CarKnow will curate an App Store supporting all Cloud-Think hardware.